Utility Line Training Scholarship

Southern Power District awards utility lineworker scholarships on an annual basis to individuals who plan to attend an accredited school to begin an accredited utility line study program.

Beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, Southern has modified its scholarship program. High school students interested in applying for a 1-year lineworker program scholarship are eligible to apply for $1,000, and two-year students are eligible to apply for $2,000. All details and requirements are detailed in our Scholarship Application Form.

Scholarship applicants must currently reside within Adams, Franklin, Hall, Hamilton, Kearney, Merrick or Phelps Counties in Nebraska, and agree to serve a 12-week summer internship with Southern in cooperation with the school attended.

With this scholarship program, we hope to foster skilled, safety-conscious people who would like the opportunity to work for Southern.

The deadline to apply for a Utility Line Program Scholarship expires on April 1, 2018.